GOT® Winter Neck Warmer - Midnight

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Product details

• Outside/inside color: black/black

• One Size: Adult (fits most)


Hydrophobic properties – fabric mixture tends to repel or fails to mix with water*

• Stretchy and soft, keeps most insulating properties when wet

• Dries faster than wool (polar fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water)

• Retains the heat naturally generated by your body

*The fabric is not treated with water-repellent substances. Water is repelled or absorbed based on the fabric’s hydrophobic properties and the speed and high or low angle of a droplet making contact with the surface (surface area angling)



• Thickness: 230 gsm

• Polyester + spandex blend

• Horizontal elasticity: stretches approx. 28% more

• Vertical elasticity: stretches approx. 15% more



• Tubular made out of one piece of continuous fabric

• Width x length: 10.6 x 9.5 inch (27 x 24 cm)*

Double layer – 2 polar fleece layers of 230 gsm each

• Back of neck stitching across the length

*Fabric can relax slightly after first use. Size is approximate. Variations (+/-) can occur due to the manufacturing process.