16 ways to wear - GOT® Sports Tubulars

GOT® Sports regular and UPF 50+ Tubulars can be worn in 16 ways.

If you're into jogging, yoga, hiking, skiing, snowboarding cycling, motorcyle riding or fishing, find out in the video below the different ways of wearing our Multifunctional Tubular Headwear.


Just follow the moves, learn how to fold and arrange the tubular so you can use all 16 configurations.

How to wear the tubular: as a Balaclava, Wristband, Sun Guard, Scrunchie, Headband, Neckerchief, Alice Band, Blindfold, Foulard, Hat Liner, Face Mask, Hood, Sahariane, Scrunchy, Do Rag, Pirate, Skull Cap.

The Adventure Begins

Natural, Soft, Light Feeling, Breathable, Seamless, Flexible, Wicking, Fast Drying, Elastical and Lightweight, experience the ultimate comfort with our high performance headwear.

Designed for both men and women, explore and choose your favorite design from over more than 60 GOT® Sports Tubulars available in our store.