Supporting Cindy in Hiking for Behcet's Disease Awareness

GOT®Sports is a proud partner of Cindy Todd, providing the gear she needs to backpack for Behcet's Disease Awareness.


GOT Sports sponsored Cingy with a neck gaiter for hiking to raise awarness on Behcet's Disease

Meet Cindy, a very active person, loves to be outdoors and explore, affected by Behcet's Disease, but with a powerful will to fight and move forward.

A true warrior, involved in everything she does, Cindy is on a mission to educate and raise awareness over this rare inflammatory autoimmune disease that affects about 1 in 100.000 people in United States, Canada and Europe.

Sharing her story with us, she remembers that:

"In 2008, I suddently felt like I had the flu, yet different. I was so exhausted that it felt like I was trying to run in a pool with a wet wool blanket on me. I had these strange rashes and soon after, started getting weird neurological symptoms. Sunddenly I couldn't feel my feet from the ankle down." 

At one point she panicked because she couldnt' feel her clothes on her body and gradually, more and more symptoms started to unravel. After 3 years of seeing local doctors, in 2011 she went to a Los Angeles hospital, where she got a diagnosis and started receiving treatment. She went through multiple treatments with harsh side effects, but as she now says:

"Years later, I'm now on a good treatment regime that is largely effective with virtually no side effects."

Living life to the fullest she has completed several backpacking trips, hiking the Sierra Nevada mountain range, the Mojave & Anza-Borrego Desert, Switzerland and Dragon Back Trail in Hong Kong Island. She even ran in the 5k for Behcet’s Disease and Vasculitis Awareness organized by the American Behcet Disease Association. 

We proudly support and sponsor Cindy with our neck gaiters as the hiking gear she needs, as she gets ready for more and more adventures.

From all of us here at GOT®Sports, have an amazing adventure!


1st photo: Cindy wearing GOT® Original Sumer Flowers Active Tubular as a neck gaiter, neck scarf in her hiking trip.

2nd photo by American Behcet’s Disease Organization; Cindy ran the 5k for Behcet’s Disease and Vasculitis Awareness. 


If you want to support Cindy in her journeys, you can buy her book "Backpacking for Behcet's Disease Awareness" click here to see her book on amazon

For more information on Behcet's visit

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