Simple Halloween costume ideas

The end of the year is stacked with holidays and it begins with the well-known Halloween, and reaches its peak during Christmas and New Year's Eve. Any holiday is a reason to meet with family and friends to celebrate. These moments bring us together, enjoying each other and sharing fun times that later become treasured memories.

This month we have Halloween and most of us are preparing for the upcoming events and activities like carving pumpkins, trick or treating and, of course, costume parties. And when talking about parties, the hosts can choose to have some decorations here and there or go all the way and transform the space completely, and us, as invitees, usually have to attend the party costumed.

Some of us choose to buy a halloween costume that might come with some high costs (if you're going all the way), some that have the crafting skills decide to DIY the costume, but if you’re on a budget and want to use clothes you already have, then we have some cool Halloween costume ideas that don’t cost you a fortune.

Hassle-free and on a budget

The proposed concepts of the costumes are basic, so almost anyone can do them. We wanted everyone to look good and be able to make an impression.

We’ve also used our GOT neck gaiters to complete the outfit and give it an extra style. So if you have one that you use for riding your motorcycle, doing yoga or going hiking, then you can integrate it into your Halloween costume as well.

Skull / Skeleton

This one is a classic. We used the Skull neck gaiter to cover most of the face, did a basic makeup with white on the visible areas, and with black around the eyes, added an all black clothes (looked for a very loose hoodie), and voilà!

With this neck gaiter is perfectly fine if you don’t want to use extra makeup. Maybe you can add in some shades and look like a cool skull 😉

If you want to take it one step further then you can complete the look with skeleton printed gloves and clothes.

Be careful when coming out of the dark like this. You might really scare someone 😱

The Biker

Here we have the Superhero neck gaiter worn in the Pirate configuration, a shirt, a leather jacket, a pair of denim and ankle boots.

It can be a simple motorcyclist reference, but we added some cool sunglasses to spice up the look and bring in that well-known “Terminator” feel.

You can use any neck gaiter that is black, with our without a design, like: Chevron Black, Disruptive Night, Paisley Black, Midnight Black, Paisley, Live Free US flag.


Glam Clown

We’ve all gone bananas for characters like Joker and Harley Quinn. It takes time to look like the original, but we can get a great deal of inspiration from them and make our own costume.

Ours was made with a blue short hair wig, sparkling clothes and our Blue Liquid Paint neck gaiter. Makeup is required to bring our character to life, so we went with a very pale face and blue and pink lips, eyes and eyebrows. It took some time to get it done, but you can go faster with a smudged makeup around the eyes, going up and down, and of course around the mouth as well.

If you want to go pink then you can pair the look with the Pink Liquid Paint neck gaiter. And don’t forget to put on some crazy eyes and a very large smile too 😉


Urban Red Riding Hood

She wears a red hoodie, the Red Paisley Bandana neck gaiter and glam sunglasses, well... just because she’s urban. Or how about going all dark and create a different version - Black Riding Hood 🤔. Here you can use the Paisley Black 

Now, should she carry a basket with goodies and hop around town, or should she ride a Harley to the party?


So what are the staples of the hippie look?

         •    loose, baggy clothes
         •    ripped jeans
         •    long, shaggy hair
         •    bold designs with vivid colours
         •    elaborate patterns and patchwork
         •    accessories
         •    headpieces
         •    tie-dye

    For this Halloween couples costume we used long hair wigs, colorful clothes, added some accessories like wooden bracelets, peace sign necklace, round shape sunglasses and a violin, because we didn’t had a guitar handy 🤪, and completed the look with our GOT Red Tie Dye and Blue Tie Dye neck gaiters worn as headbands.


    The Pirate

    We can’t all look like Johnny Deep in the “Pirates of the Caribbean” (*sigh*), but with a little imagination and props (from around the house or borrowed) we think you can whip up something great.

    A toy Captain's hat, our Paisley Black neck gaiter worn as a bandana, a lighter shaped as an old century pistol, a dark colored shirt and the wife’s faux crocodile leather coat (Shh! No one will know.), and ta-da! There’s your Pirate costume.

    To make the whole look more dramatic we smudged some black around the eyes, brown around the face and grayed the beard more.

    And there you have it!

    6 Simple Halloween costume ideas that you can make with clothes and accessories you might already have around the house. If you're missing something then you can ask some friends to borrow you what you need.

    And if you want to complete the look with a multifunctional neck gaiter, like we did, then click on the images below to pick your favorite design. You can use it even after Halloween has passed and that's a win-win!


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